My Health Score is low. What can I do to improve it?

There are a lot of factors that can influence your Health Score including the speeds you’re getting from your ISP, your WI-Fi conditions, and the connections of the devices on your network. To learn more, click Health Score on your Starry Station’s display or in the Starry App.

You’ll see three key factors on this screen: your ISP, Wi-Fi Conditions, and My Devices. Click breakdown to get details on each.

Your ISP breakdown will tell you if your Starry Station has an Internet connection and the most recent results of a speed test. If you’re not getting the speeds that your Station normally reports, these numbers will be red. If you’re consistently not getting the speeds you pay for, you should contact your ISP.

Your Wi-Fi Conditions will tell you if there is crowding on your network. This usually happens when there are lots of Wi-Fi networks in your area (think highrise apartment building) on the same Wi-Fi channel. If there is crowding, you can change the channel in your Starry App. Just click the Settings gear > Advanced Settings > Wireless Settings.

Your Devices list will show you if there are issues with your signal strength or band selection. Signal Strength issues are usually caused by your proximity to Starry Station. You may want to try moving closer to your Starry Station or making sure it is placed in an open, central location in your home. Band Selection means that we’ve detected your device could be better served on either the 5GHz or primary network. You’ll see these issues with suggestions solutions when clicking on your device from the Devices list on your Starry Station.

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