My device has a weak signal. How can I fix it?

A weak signal can be caused by interference or your distance from your Starry Station.

If you’re near your Starry Station, you may want to switch to the 5GHz dedicated network. You'll see the 5GHz dedicated network in your device's Wi-Fi Settings as "NetworkName_5". If you don't see it, you can enable the 5GHz Network under Wi-Fi Settings on your Starry Station.

If you’re further away from your Starry Station, the primary Wi-Fi Network is your best option. However, you may need to move closer as you may be out of range. You should also make sure your Starry Station is out in the open in a central place in your home and away from other electronics. Interference from things like microwaves, cordless phones, and baby monitors can wreak havoc on your Wi-Fi signal.
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