Starry Station: What is ScreenTime?

About ScreenTime:

ScreenTime parental controls allow you to easily manage network-wide rules for when certain devices can and can’t be online; they also allow you to block explicit content from being seen on your kids’ devices. You can use our starter rules such as Bedtime or Help Kids Focus or create your own.

To set ScreenTime rules, open the Starry App, click Settings, and scroll down to click My Rules under ScreenTime.

Recommended ScreenTime Rules:


Use Offline Hours rules to block certain devices from your Starry’s network at specific times of the day and week. For example, create a rule to disable WiFi access on your kids’ devices at Bedtime on school nights.


Block specific sites like video streaming or social media sites to keep your kids (or you!) focused during homework hours. Choose from pre-populated sites and apps or customize with any domain you choose.


ScreenTime offers three different content filters. Due to how quickly things change online, no rule can 100% guarantee that you’ll filter every inappropriate site, but they should help you avoid most of it.

Block Explicit Content: This includes an aggregated list of millions of websites that have been deemed mature or explicit. Devices with this rule will not be able to load these sites.

Google SafeSearch: Google’s SafeSearch helps block adult content like pornographic images in search results. You can learn more here.

YouTube Restricted Mode: Helps block explicit/adult videos on YouTube. You can learn more here.

Note: ScreenTime only blocks access to your Starry Station’s network. Devices with a cellular data plan won’t be restricted once they leave Starry’s WiFi Network.

Editing ScreenTime rules:

To make changes to a ScreenTime rule, open the Starry App, then click on Settings at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down to click on My Rules under ScreenTime. Click the rule you want to edit and make any changes to its name, hours, content or included devices. When you’re all done, remember to click Save to update your changes.

Temporarily disabling ScreenTime rules

There are exceptions to every rule. To temporarily disable a ScreenTime rule, click on Settings at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down to click on My Rules under ScreenTime. Toggle the rule from right to left. Remember to re-enable when you want your rule back in effect.

Deleting ScreenTime rules

Just open the Starry app and click on Settings at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down to click on My Rules under ScreenTime. Click the rule you wish to remove and click Delete. Your Station will update immediately.

Who can make changes to ScreenTime rules?

Enabling and disabling ScreenTime rules can be done from Starry Station, but your PIN is required to do so. You should make sure your PIN is something secure and that only the other admins in your household know it.

Anyone logged into the Starry app will have access to control ScreenTime rules. Your Starry Station can only be paired with one account, though multiple people can be logged into that account on the Starry App if you share your credentials with them.

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