Starry Station: Starry Station: Advanced Settings - Network Configuration

Your Starry Station is designed to make WiFi easy. You should only update Advanced Settings if you have networking experience or were instructed to do so by your ISP.

Internet and WAN

DNS Configuration

Starry Station defaults to Automatic DNS. To set your own DNS Server, click Advanced Settings in the Starry App and then Internet and WAN. You can then enter your desired DNS Server.  



DHCP Configuration

Starry Station will allow you to set the number of IP Addresses available to be assigned to devices on your network by using the DHCP pool start and end rules. Only addresses within this range will be assigned to devices or DHCP Reservations.


UPnP allows devices like gaming systems and printers to “Plug and Play.” UPnP is enabled by default on your Starry Station. To disable it, click Advanced Settings in the Starry App and then UPnP.

DHCP Reservations

DHCP Reservations allow you to have access to a device using a specific IP Address. You can create DHCP Reservations in the Starry App under Advanced Settings.

*Note: Your DHCP Reservation must be within the set DHCP pool set under LAN and DHCP.

Port Forwarding

Port Forwarding allows you to direct traffic from outside your network directly to a device on your network using TCP and/or UDP port numbers. To create Port Forwarding rules, click Advanced Settings in the Starry App and then Port Forwarding.

Wireless Settings

WiFi Networks operate on various channels to prevent crowding and interference. Sometimes, especially in heavily populated areas (think apartment buildings), the channel that your WiFi is operating on is congested and should be changed. The Starry Station will automatically switch to less congested channels. To manually change the channel of your WiFi networks, just click Advanced Settings > Wireless Settings and choose a different channel.

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