Starry Station: How Do Starry Station’s ScreenTime Rules Work?

ScreenTime rules can be applied to any of the devices on your network, including devices connected through an extender to block access to certain sites and to restrict access to the Starry Station's WiFi network at certain times of the day. 

There are some limitations to ScreenTime rules that you should keep in mind:

  1. Content Filters like the ones we offer in our ScreenTime rules aren’t 100% guarantees. Due to the constantly changing nature of the web, some explicit sites could still be accessible.
  2. Unfortunately at this time, YouTube Restricted Mode is only available on and not the YouTube mobile or TV apps. You can find instructions for locking down the YouTube mobile and TV apps by clicking here or you can install the YouTube Kids App
  3. ScreenTime only blocks access to the devices connecting to the Internet through your Starry Station. Devices with cellular data will still be able to access the internet and could access content you’ve blocked through ScreenTime.
  4. Many sites pre-load cached or buffered content. Therefore, it could take several minutes for a stream or site to stop loading once the ScreenTime rule goes into effect.
  5. Blocking specific apps can be more difficult than just blocking a domain. For example, on a web browser you may visit a specific URL to get to that site, but the app for the same site might actually make calls to several different URLs. If you’d like us to consider an app to add to our pre-populated list, please write to our support team.
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