Starry Station: How to Reboot the Starry Station: Manual, on Screen, and App Instructions


Reboot your Starry Station router by doing one of the following options: Manual, On Screen, or from the Starry App.


Manual Process: 

1. Disconnect the power cable from the bottom of the back of your Starry Station.
2. Wait 15 Seconds.
3. Reconnect the power cable to the bottom back of your Starry Station.


Starry Touch-Screen Process:

Reboot your Starry Station from the display of the Starry Station:
1. On the main screen, in the bottom right-hand corner, tap on Settings.
2. Under the Settings, tap the Station option at the top of the display.


3. At the bottom of the Station Menu, tap RESTART. 


 4. Press Continue to begin restarting the Starry Station. 


 This will begin restarting the Starry Station and will take approximately 60 seconds to complete.


Starry App Process:

Reboot your Starry Station from the Starry App:
1. In the bottom right-hand corner of the app, tap on Settings.
2. Under Starry Station, tap Restart


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