ZyXel EMG3425 Router: My 5G Channel Is Missing. How Do I Enable It?

Ensure that the 5G channel is enabled by connecting to the Zyxel router's WiFi. Open any browser and navigate to Log in using the username admin and the password 1234.

1. Select the Settings icon (two gears) on the left side of the screen.
2. Select Wireless Settings LAN 5G.
3. Select the More AP tab.
4. Select Edit on the right-hand side of Row 1. (The SSID should end with "_5G") 
5. Check the box at the top to Activate:image__8_.png
6. Enter a name under Name (SSID).
7. Set password under Pre-shared Key and then select Apply.


Please note: Not all devices are 5G enabled. Older devices may not be able to see the 5G network. 

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