Starry Launch: How to Factory Reset

If you have changed your WiFi name and password to something other than the default, please write down your WiFi name and password. You will need to re-enter this information if you would like to have all of your devices automatically connect again.


To Factory Reset Your Launch:

  1. Hold down the reset button on the back of your Starry Launch router for 15 seconds. The power light will stay on, but the other lights should turn off after 5-10 seconds.
  2. If you have custom WiFi settings, the WiFi name and password will revert to its default WiFi name and password. (The default name and password are written on the underside of your router.)
  3. Connect to the default WiFi name from a smart device.
  4. If you would like to change your WiFi name and password, open the Starry App from a device that is connected to the Launch's WiFi. From the Starry App, you can easily change the WiFi name by clicking on Settings in the bottom-left corner. Click on Primary Network. From here, you can click on the name of the default WiFi to enter your desired WiFi name.
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