ACP information (English)

Important updates regarding the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

Good news! A portion of your May service will be covered by a partial ACP credit.

Here is what you need to know about the ACP’s end:

  • Your April statement reflects your final full ACP credit. 
  • A portion of your May service will be covered by the partial ACP credit
  • In May, the full ACP credit will be removed from your account and any remaining balance will be reflected on your statement.1

Starry is committed to keeping you connected. If you wish to keep your current service, no action is required. 

If you would like to explore alternatives, you can make adjustments to your plan and pause or cancel service anytime without penalty by visiting or by emailing or calling 1.888.231.9403

Below are some frequently asked questions. Please contact us if there is anything else we can do. 

1. Following this change, you will be subject to Starry’s standard rates and general terms and conditions.


How do I know what Starry plan I’m on and how much my bill will be?

You can see what Starry plan you’re on and how much it will cost after the ACP ends by signing in to your account at

You can also call 1.888.231.9403 or email for help. 



How do I make changes to my Starry Internet service?

You can see what offers are available and make sure your account is up to date in one of three ways: 



Are there other low-cost options available?

Yes, you may be eligible for coupons or discounted plans. Please log in to to see what low-cost options are available to you. 

If you do not see an option that meets your needs, please call support at 1.888.231.9403 or email There are additional offers available.



Do I need to take any action to continue to receive Starry Internet?

To avoid a disruption in service, sign in to your account and make sure your payment method is up to date. If everything is up to date, you will continue to receive service after the ACP ends.



What can I do if I can’t afford Starry Internet? 

Please visit to see how you can reduce your monthly bill. You can also contact support at 1.888.231.9403 or email There are exclusive offers available for ACP customers and we are eager to help you find an option that works for your budget.



Can I replace Starry Internet with my cell phone service?

This depends on how you use the internet and your cell phone plan. If you, or your family, rely on the internet for work, streaming, gaming, or educational purposes, and you switch to a cell phone plan, you may experience issues like:

  • Unexpected charges for using too much bandwidth
  • Slow or unreliable internet speeds
  • Weak signal strength in apartment buildings
  • Difficulty sharing a connection with other people or devices 

Our support team can help make sure you are on a plan that meets your needs or cancel service. Call 1.888.231.9403 or email for help.



How do I cancel Starry Internet and what do I do with my equipment?

If you would like to terminate your service after the ACP ends, all you need to do is:

Once your service has been canceled, you will receive an email with instructions on how to return your equipment and a prepaid shipping label. 



Can my $30 ACP benefit be extended or can I reapply?

The ACP is a government-funded program and is only available as long as funding permits. The funding is expected to run out in May 2024, at which point the ACP will end.


The last day to enroll in ACP was February 7th, 2024 at 11:59 PM EST. 

If you have any additional ACP questions you can reach the ACP Support Center at (877) 384-2575.

Have more questions? Contact a Starry Expert


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