What Is the Starry Comet? What Does Installation Look Like?

Getting the Starry Comet Installed: 

Starry installation is fast, minimally disruptive, and completely free. Our highly trained technicians will ensure your Comet install is clean, inconspicuous and perfectly tailored to your home. 




How long does the Starry Comet installation take?

For a single-family home, you can expect our tech team to wrap up within 90 minutes. For an apartment building, likely longer depending on the building size.


Where does the Starry Comet go?

Anywhere on your building or home that has a clear line of sight to our base station. 


How Is the Starry Comet connected?

Our team will run a coax cable to the Starry Comet, even if existing wiring is already available. The modem and router are connected to the coax. The Starry Comet, modem, and router are all included in the cost of service.


What are the dimensions?

The Starry Comet is 10 in. x 3.27 in. x 4 in. and weighs 2.75 lbs.

* Depending on the distance from a Starry site, a larger unit may be necessary. 

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