Iโ€™m Having Issues With My Streaming Device, What Do I Do?


It can be frustrating to deal with issues on your streaming devices, from Rokus and FireSticks to your Smart TV. We've compiled some information that can help effectively identify and resolve the issues so that you can resume Happy Interneting!



If your app leads to a black screen:

  • Check your WiFi Connectivity:
    • Some apps may lead to a black screen due to a lack of internet connection. Simply navigate to your device's respective settings menu. Find the internet settings and ensure that the device is connected to your Starry network. Don't forget to check if it's plugged and connected to the proper video input (if your device is a smart TV you can ignore this).
  • Up-to-date:
    • Ensure your streaming device, and your desired App, are running on the most up-to-date version. If the issue persists, uninstall and reinstall the App. If that does not resolve the issue, and this does not occur with other Apps, this could be an issue with the App itself, and you should contact the App developers.

If your remote isn't synced:

  • The issue could be with low or dead batteries; please try replacing batteries and try again.
  • It is possible that this could be a result of having faulty buttons on the remote, and while it isn't common and these could be replaced, you may have an easier time getting a replace remote for your streaming device instead. Some streaming devices offer apps that you can use as a remote in the meantime.
  • It could just be that your remote is properly powered on and just not responding; follow your devices respective syncing process to ensure your remote is able to be properly paired.

If your streaming device is frequently buffering:

  • We recommend hard-wiring the streaming device to the router. If that is not possible, go to your settings and ensure the device is connected to your Starry network. If it's in the same room as the router, you may try using the 5GHz dedicated network for a smoother customer experience. If it is connected to the 5GHz, try switching to the standard network. 
  • Try removing any unused or otherwise unwanted apps from your streaming device; this can free up potentially much needed memory within your streaming device; this is a known step that can allow your device to perform better.
  • Power cycle your device by unplugging it from the power source and leaving it unplugged for no less than one minute, and reinserting the power cord again.

https://downdetector.com/ is a handy tool for determining if the services you are accessing are being impacted by any issues.

If you have performed these troubleshooting steps and still experience issues, reach out to the Starry Expert team.

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