FCC's MTE Ruling


Your Rights Under FCC MTE Rules:



The FCC’s new rules give owners more flexibility to provide your residents with competitive, high-quality broadband options to meet their needs. 

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Here are the basics: 

  • The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) rules for broadband deployment in multi-tenant environments (MTEs) protect your right to pursue competitive broadband services for your residents. 
  • The FCC recently updated its rules to increase broadband choice and transparency for consumers in MTEs. These updates include:
    • Prohibiting ISPs from striking exclusive and graduated revenue sharing agreements
    • Requiring ISPs to make clear disclosure of exclusive marketing arrangements, including notifying residents of alternative choices
    • Clarifying that ISP wiring “sale-and-leaseback” arrangements are prohibited
    • A reminder that exclusive ISP access agreements remain prohibited
  • The spirit of this action is to encourage more competition in MTEs and to make the availability of alternative services clear to consumers so that residents can choose a provider and service plan that best meets their needs. 


Here are your rights:

  • You now have added flexibility to bring in additional broadband providers to help meet your building’s connectivity needs. Having competitive providers helps address residents’ increasing demands for innovative services and connectivity options.
  • You can continue to strike revenue agreements, as appropriate. You are not required to uphold exclusive revenue share or graduated revenue share agreements. These arrangements are prohibited by the FCC, discourage consumer choice, and lock owners into a single revenue stream.
  • You do not need to follow most wire sale-and-leaseback agreements, and can offer use of the wire to other providers at your discretion. 
  • If you have an exclusive marketing agreement in place, the existing provider must disclose the availability of alternatives services.
  • Starry is excited to offer affordable, high-quality broadband in your community. Let’s work together to bring better internet to residents!
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