I Am Going to Be Out of Town for a Month or Two, Can I Pause My Service While I Am Away?

Yes, you can! Account suspensions are available by request. Customers may request to suspend their service from 30 to 180 days. Normal billing resumes after the suspension period. To request a vacation hold and temporarily suspend your service, start a chat with Spot the Bot and say "Start Vacation Hold." Spot will ask you for the dates you would like your vacation hold to start and stop, and create a ticket for our Accounts team. Alternatively, you request a vacation hold by emailing us at support@starry.com with those start and stop dates. 


Important information about Starry Internet service holds:

  • You will not receive or be billed for Starry Internet service during the hold period.
  • Service may be suspended at any time on the service hold's start date. If the service hold's start date is your billing date, your monthly payment may process before the service hold goes into effect.
  • Service may be restored at any time on the service hold's end date. When your Starry Internet service has been restored, a confirmation email will be sent.
  • If you have unused free trial days, your free trial will resume when your service is restored.
  • If you are out of the free trial period, your regular monthly payment will be processed on the day your service is restored.

When your service is ready to be restored:

  • If you have unused prepaid days of service from the current billing cycle, a prorated credit for unused days of service will be applied to your account. The credit will be applied to your payment when service is restored.
  • The service restoration date will be your new regular monthly billing date.
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